Roller Derby

Dear Roller Derby friend,

I have now bought my quads and ready to join the Brighton Brawlers. It seems that this is the first transgender league in Europe so I am delighted to be part a group that is positively promoting a minority section in society. I feel such warmth from the members that have joined so far. This is great as I am a bit nervous about getting on my quads as I learnt on inlinesĀ 2 years ago and still not sure how to stop!!!! I want to bring some fun and adventure into my life and I can see Roller Derby achieving this for me. I have my protective gear which does fill me with confidence as I know I can fall and I am generally safe. I also have my cherry red helmet which always causes a laugh when I put it on so that is good. So all the gear to get started and now to just get on my quads and attend the practice.

Yours re wanting to be brave,

Fi x

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