Mindfulness Matters

Dear Fi,


I know you are focusing on changing from more ‘doing’ to ‘being’and you are doing this through the practice of Mindfulness. I also know you are challenged by being more and more in the moment as you are so used to either looking back or considering the future. You know what you have learnt from Mindfulness about being more and more in the now. You have learnt that by being mindful and focusing on the moment and being more aware of your physical feelings and noticing your thoughts, you are creating the space for you to be more aware and have inner space to just ‘be’.

‘ Within you there is a stillness and a sanctuary to which you can retreat at any time and find yourself.’ Herman Hesse, ‘Siddhartha’.

Being in the now is something new for you Fi and a way of being that will take time for you to become. Just like being able to run a half marathon, it will take time and practice. I know you find it frustrating as you want to be doing it perfectly. You know that Mindfulness is a process that is to be brought into your life with no judgment and with compassion for yourself. What would you be saying to someone else at this time if they told you why they were so frustrated with the practice of Mindfulness? How much understanding would you offer to them? Well reflect this back to you. This ‘being ‘ more will take time. Be patient with yourself. When you started running you never thought you would run 10 miles- all great journeys are started with a small step. So step forward and allow yourself the space to accept being in the moment and just notice what you notice without judgement.


Yours my friend,


fi x

My curiosity and love of learning has led me to deepen my knowledge in human behaviour with a particular focus on positive psychology, neuroscience and mindfulness. My creative mind and intuitive coaching style supports my clients to deepen their insights about themselves and take action to transform their lives.