Dear Fairtrade shop owner friend,


It is Fairtrade fortnight and I have enjoyed being involved in a fantastic activity. My friend is a wine student and got some work with the Co-operative leading 3 sessions on tasting Fairtrade wine with members of the Co-operative. It was great to attend the evening held in Silo in Brighton that you organised my dear Fairtrade shop owner friend. There were about 50 of us there in the amazing environment of a waste neutral restaurant/ cafe. We were guided through tasting 3  tasty wines that have achieved the Fairtrade logo. There were 3 from South Africa which were a crisp, elegant and fruity Chardonnay, a medium bodied and damson dominated Shiraz and a fun, beautifully pink, sparkling Moscato. The fourth wine was a smooth, luscious, perfectly balanced Carmenere from Chile.

Not or only were my wine student friend and I impressed with the taste of all theses wines, it was so rewarding to know that by buying them we would be contributing to fair price and wages to the wine producers. Through Fairtrade wines communities in South Africa, Chile and Argentina are able to also invest in improving health and education therefore ensuring future sustainability for local people. How great is that eh? I have become an enthusiast of Fairtrade and I have expanded my grocery shopping to clothes and bags etc well now I can include yummy tasting wine.

Thanks for for continuing to inspire me my Fairtrade shop owner friend.

Fi x

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