Do you feel you have tried a number of ways to find the inner peace you are searching for and not yet succeed in doing so?

Are there elements of your life that you really want to be different? Lacking confidence, feeling burnt out, in an unfulfilling job or an empty relationship?

A Restoration Day will bring you back into a resourceful place, where you can can gain greater understanding of your desires and dreams and the barriers that are getting in the way of you achieving these

You will discover ways to enhance inner peace, contentment and joy- as well as moments of bliss.

Surrounded by compassion and loving kindness you will dig deep into what is holding you back from having a life full of opportunity and personal greatness.

  • Explore a particular element of your life that you want to be different

  • Uncover what you can do to make a difference to this part of your life

  • Work with a trained specialist within the element you want to be different

  • Plan how to embed these deep transformational changes into your everyday life

You will experience the Restoration Day within an inspiring and encouraging environment. You will be provided with home made, nourishing food and refreshments. You will receive a gift of organic treats with which to pamper yourself. Free parking is also available. 

From the Restoration Day you will 

  • have a personal, bespoke plan for how to embed the actions required to make the difference you want in your life
  • have a list of strategies to maintain the difference you want in your life
  • contact with me to further support you in making this difference to your life
  • early access to future resources that Fi may produce to support differences desired in lives
  • complete confidence in knowing you can make this difference to your life and also in how you can make this difference to your life

Here is what my clients said after their restoration days

Gill Gill, Kent

'By working with Fi I can now see I am capable of achieving what I want. I now have my purpose, clear on my values and understand my strengths, which all have contributed to how I operate my business.'

the restoration day

At an agreed time with you we will commence the day considering where you are presently in the element of your life that you want to be different. Over a refreshment we will clarify what you want from the day. We will then make a gentle journey through a range of activities that will ensure you walk away with the outcome you want. Over a home made lunch we will review where we have journeyed to, and plan the rest of the day to make sure you are where you want to be by the time you leave. At the end of our time together we will sit over a cuppa and ensure you leave having ignited the difference you wanted and strategies on how you can embed this dynamic change. 

Presently, there are two Restoration Days.

Restoration Day-Belief. On this dynamic day you will replace a limiting belief with an empowering belief. A limiting belief is manifested through a range of behaviours, in particular when you say words such as ' can't, shouldn't or couldn't ,' also phrases like ' well it's ok for them, I wish I could do/ be like that, or I feel so frustrated with my life, relationship. ' this limiting belief is holding you back from a life of inner peace and contentment from which emotional state can come great things. Dreams and desires can be realised. An empowering belief will challenge how you think now and though this challenge you will behave in new and more fulfilling ways. Below is an example of a programme for a Restoration Day- Beliefs.

10 am - Welcome

10.30-   What is holding you back? -uncover that limiting belief

12.30-   Lunch

1.15    -  What will move you forward?- discover that empowering belief

2pm.  -  How will you embed this empowering belief?- develop strategies and           

               behaviours to take away and practice.

3pm   -  Goodbyes.

Each day will be planned and spoke to meet your needs.

Restoration Day-Purpose. This day will focus on you discovering your true purpose. Often when we feel lost, unsettled, and pointless we are not in alignment with our true purpose- what we are born to be. Once we uncover this purpose, life makes sense both in our work and personally. We become in the flow where living and doing becomes effortless effort. It is a most resourceful place to be which attracts opportunity and abundance. Below is an example plan of Restoration Day- Purpose-


10.30- Discovering your true purpose

11.30-Embedding your purpose within all elements of your life

1.15 -Lunch

2pm-Aligning your values with your purpose.


Each day is planned to meet your personal needs.

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a Restoration Day?

The day will be about 5 hours, including lunch, and the times will be agreed between us. We will work though a planned programme to ensure you can make the difference that you desire, although there will be flexibility to meet your own personal needs and wants. 

Where will the Restoration Day take place?

The Restoration Days will take place in a venue of our agreement. This will usually be in my welcoming home in Hove. Parking permits are available for people who drive. The station is 15 minute walk from my home. Buses stop a 2 minute walk. 

What will I walk away with?

From the Restoration Day you have agreed with me to experience, you will gain a difference in an element of your life that you deeply desire. This gain from the day will depend on the theme we are working through. For example if it is a Restoration Day- Beliefs, you will leave with a new empowering belief. We will agree together the outcome of the day.

What if I want to talk to you after the Restoration Day?

You will get my email address and we can arrange for me to be available in other ways to you as well. We will work together to form a partnership so that you will feel completely comfortable.

How do I know the Restoration Day is for me?

If you've read anything at all above and thought "I know what that is" then this is probably for you. We also have the free 15 minute chat so we can be sure that we fit together and I can truly meet your needs.

How can I access a Restoration Day?

This can only be agreed if you have a chat with me. This is to ensure that you experience from me the service that will suit you best. Click below and book a 15 minute chat with me. 

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