Uncover and replace beliefs that are holding you back

Do you think you are failing in areas of your life, are you defensive when you believe others are criticising you and do you use the words ' I should' when you are making a choice or decision?

You may be living a life held back by a limiting belief

The Belief Collection will help you to uncover the limiting belief that is holding you back and replace it with an empowering belief that will dynamically move you forward in your life. 

Living a life of contentment, joy and moments of bliss is very challenging when your thoughts are being lead by a belief that probably came about from when you were a child. Without realising it you will be using this belief as a filter that is distorting information being received from the world to fulfil a self fulfilling prophecy that will pull you away from living a life rich in potential. Limiting beliefs come from when you were an age not able to cognitively make sense of uncomfortable physical sensations and feelings. The way you made sense of these sensations was to take the blame for what was happening around you and to accept this blame without the logic that maturity in thinking can bring. This thought connected to self blame was gradually more and more evidenced through your need as a child to make as much sense of the blame as you could, and so this thought became a limiting belief.

Whether you believe you can do a thing or believe you can't, you are right.

Henry Ford 1863-1947 

Unless uncovered, this limiting belief will be driving you to think that  you are not good enough, not able to cope or that you are unloveable. Deep down you will believe that you are not worthy to have a life balanced with contentment and joy. This will be evident in a variety of ways, and in particular you saying 'I can't, I should/ I  shouldn't or I must. ' 

The Belief Collection has allowed my clients to fulfil their dreams though replacing their limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs.

They have developed deep self belief and learnt ways to embed the empowering belief into their thoughts and influence their behaviours. This has lead to more effective decision making, deeper connections with others and ultimately a confidence to move forward in their lives.

  • Bring Out Your Limiting Belief

  • Discover Your New Empowering Belief

  • Implement Strategies To Embed Your Empowering Belief For All Aspects Of Life

  • Manage Triggers For Any Behaviour Linked To The Limiting Belief

As a result of the Belief Collection you will

  • experience more contentment and joy in personal and work life
  • develop more meaningful relationships
  • be more able to respond to opportunities that you may not have seen before
  • go to bed each night understanding where you have been successful in the day
  • wake with a desire for life and what each day may bring
  • live a life rich in potential

Here is what my clients said after working through the Belief Collection

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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

What does the collection look like? The sessions are devised into 3 and can be either face to face at my home in Brighton or over Skype/Zoom if you are outside of the area. All 15 minute initial conversations are held online or on the phone.

How long is a session? When you book you will get a full breakdown of each of the sessions. You should leave up to 2 hours in your diary so that you can gently allow the thoughts of the session to settle before going back to your day.

What if I want to talk to you after our sessions? You will get my email address and we can arrange for me to be available in other ways to you as well. We will work together to form a partnership so that you will feel completely comfortable.

What will I get at the end? You will uncover your limiting belief holding you back, and take away your empowering belief that will lead you to a life of contentment and inner peace.

How do I know this is for me? If you've read anything at all above and thought "I know what that is" then this is probably for you. We also have the free 15 minute chat so we can be sure that we fit together and I can truly meet your needs.

How do I get started? Just click the button above or below and you can see when my 15 minute slots are available. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

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